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Snoring Night Guards in Chicago Loop, ILPhotograph of sleeping couple using Night Guard for snoring, Chicago Loop, IL

Do you or your bed mate snore?  Does he or she not have an anti snoring mouthpiece? It could be more than just a nuisance. It could be deadly.  Snoring might just be a symptom of a more dangerous problem, Obstructive Sleep Apnea or OSA.  This occurs when the tissues in the oral cavity block the flow of breathing while asleep.

The absence of breathing is called APNEA.  When you stop breathing for a length of time the body is using up all the available oxygen in the bloodstream.  There comes a point where the oxygen levels drop so low that tissues become starved for it. Damage can occur to those tissues.

The two tissues most sensitive to low oxygen levels are the heart and the brain.  If the heart or the brain begin to become damaged this is when a heart attack or a stroke can occur.  Other results of untreated OSA could be: high blood pressure, diabetes and depression to name a few.

Another effect of OSA is fatigue.  When the body is being starved of oxygen, the brain tells the body "wake up and breathe".  This may wake the person fully or just rouse them to change positions and take a full breath.  The result is a restless night of sleep and fatigue the next day.  Depending on ones job duties, this in itself could be dangerous.  Nobody wants a sleepy truck driver, airplane pilot, air traffic controller, etc.

Certified dentists can create a custom fit oral device that can help someone with OSA.  This helps position the jaws and tissues so the breathing can be uninterrupted all night long.  At Di Verde Dental Studio we offer anti snoring devices and night guards to help you or your partner sleep through the night.  Call to set up an appointment with one of our doctors to discuss your concerns.

To Learn More About The Snoring Night Guards We Offer, Call DiVerde Dental Studio In The Chicago Loop At (312) 263-7822 Today!

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